Human ability is infinite. With this belief, Nittoh aims to become the world’s number one opto-electronics maker, always challenging with innovative technology. For this, we need to become pioneers, clearing a path where no path lies. As long as creativity exists, there is no stopping the evolution of Nittoh’s technology.


Nittoh values originality most of all in technology development. Setting high standards for ourselves, we, together with our partner companies, have actualized numerous epoch-making products, for which we have a high reputation from around the world. An example is our challenge towards space development. On the 3rd of December, 2014, Nittoh’s opto-technology lifted off into space with JAXA’s asteroid spacecraft, Hayabusa. We wish to develop technology unique to the world, for the future. Look to Nittoh for original optio-electronics technology, from optical-lenses to optical devices and optical units.

Development policy

Nittoh is a group of technology masters persistent in creating innovative technology. We have no divisions specializing in sales promotion. Negotiation, development, and manufacturing are all the responsibility of the technicians themselves. This is the Nittoh strength: our consistency in actualizing products.

Details on optical solution

The opto-electronics history of Nittoh started with high-precision optical-lens technology. During the 70-odd years of Nittoh’s optical-lenses history, Nittoh has developed a number of miraculous lenses which nobody thought were possible, such as wide-angle lenses with no distortion. Nittoh actualized this only with optical technology, not relying on electronic aids. However difficult the technology, it can be actualized. Our technological development is supported by the skills and sharp senses of our craftsmen, referred to as 'meisters'. We seek the height of optical lenses and we can meet various needs; everything from one-off prototyping to mass production.

Development policy

Technological development is a challenge against the impossible. Already existing technology is at times of no use. Nittoh's basic belief is "to create what we need". We do not rely on preconceived ideas, and are always developing new technology with a new twists.

Details on optical elements