If it were not founded at this location, Nittoh could not have cultivated its technology. This is how closely Suwa is knitted with Nittoh. We yearn to convey the beauty of Suwa, the homeland we are so proud of. These strong emotions compelled us to make this movie.
We filmed the vast area, several kilometers in radius, starting from Suwa Lake and Suwa Taisha, situated in the center of the Suwa region. We were able to encounter the Mystics of Mother Nature, cleansing our souls and to view grand sights that captivated our eyes.
Nature and Nittoh technology have harmonized to spread its wings toward space, bringing our wishes with it.

Filming Location

Suwa area

Suwa Basin, Suwa Lake, Suwa Taisha,
Takabocchi Kogen, Takashima Castle,
Kaneko Sabo

Tateshina Area

Tateshina Otaki Fall, Otaki walking trails

Chino Area

Mishakaike Lake


The BGM in the movie has been composed uniquely for this movie. It is not mere healing music. Listen, and amidst the music you will hear birds warbling, clear waters running, and plants rustling in the wind. These are the sounds of nature we have collected in Nagano, our home town.